Award winning Living Rooms Landscape Design is one of the most unique Landscape Design firms in the Greater Toronto Area.


With the combination of architectural details and the simplicity of nature, we step outside traditional design lines and view the landscape from the inside out. 


Curator or Exterior Awesomeness 

It all started with a little blonde girl. Knee deep in muck, catching frogs and climbing trees, spending her summers on an island under the stars. Learning to light a fire, bait a hook, run barefoot in the woods (still do), and master the art of catching poison ivy year after year were all common rituals. I had no idea what I was going to be when I was big, along with every other little dirty kid I knew. But I knew it had to do something with being creative, and being at home with architecture and the mud between my toes. 

I sketched constantly...trees, animals, and my favourite, was floor plans for houses. Architecture fascinated and intrigued me. But I kept veering outside...there is nothing better than the smell of campfire, fresh cut grass, and peonies, of course, as the icing on the proverbial cake. I'm that weird one that loves the smell of a 2-stroke motor. So if it wasn't for my darling mother that suggested that I be a landscape designer, who knows where I'd be today. 


A graduate of Humber College's Landscape Technician Program, I started my career working as a designer for one of the most prestigious nurseries in the GTA. I LOVE plants. They are all unique beasts. Pairing and combining each marvellous one with another gives me the warm and fuzzies. I went on to work for small and large, high end landscape construction companies that allowed me to refine my design skills while familiarizing myself with up-to-date construction practices. After branching out on my own, I decided to offer a design service that keeps the homeowner's best interest at heart. Something that reflects the lifestyle of the homeowner, is current yet timeless, and ensures that the landscape matures beautifully over time. I continue to update my skills, taking courses in Interior Design, Floral Design and Colour Theory which all play a key role in complimenting my Landscape Design background within the industry. And when I'm not filling my brain with latin plant terms or doodling design layouts on Starbucks napkins, I'll be kicking back dockside with my mini-me, a H&H magazine in hand, listening to Bobcaygeon. 

Open Positions

Design Intern

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  • Dynascape and Sketch Up experience required
  • Detail oriented and organizational skills are imperative
  • Responsibilities will include site measurements, creating base & conceptual plans, presentation drawings, 3D rendering, sourcing materials, and communicating and coordinating with management, clients and contractors.


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