Loll Designs - Outdoor Furniture for the Modern Lollygagger

Edgy, hip. These designs are so sweet. A variety of different colours, form and function, this furniture collection is for the modern lounger, or 'lollygagger' as they put it so eloquently. 

Loll designs and manufactures durable, all season weather outdoor furniture made from 100% recycled plastic -- mostly from milk jugs. "Originally, we used recycled post-industrial plastic scrap (that has been diverter or recovered during the manufacturing process), but by 2007, we began sourcing post-consumer plastic (materials that has been used by consumers and diverted or recovered from waster destined for a landfill). This is when Loll, as both a product and a company, really started to take shape as a green company. An estimated 8 recycled milk jugs go into each pound of a Loll Adirondack Chair, which equals about 400 milk jugs per chair." Even better, their recycled material is 100% recyclable, so when you are done with your Loll furniture, they can be recycled and re-purposed into something useful again when the time comes.

Couldn't you just kiss them?!? 400 milk jugs per chair! That's huge as these designs are awesome. Every one of us (well...I hope so!) has every good intention to do something good for this good, green earth we co-habitate together...paper over plastic, walk instead of drive, use bio-degradable soaps, whatever little thing you can do in your day to make a teeny tiny diff. in the grand scheme of it all. I know I'm not re-using 400 milk jugs so I can sit down comfortably at the end of the day....wish I could say I was. But purchasing a sweet little piece from this company is the next best thing - hell make it a set of 4 while you're at it. I'll take mine in Blue.