Firepits by Paloform

Ok, my ideal fire is always real wood. Always. Nothing beats the smell of a real fire burning. But with it come a few headaches. You have to find the wood. You have to chop the wood, hopefully without chopping off your digits at the same time. And you have to build the fire itself. Not everyone is able, or even wants to do this. And you need the perfect location of course. So when my clients ask me to include a fire pit in their design, a real fire isn’t always feasible. Most of us live within the city limits, and most cities are unwilling to allow you to have a real fire in your backyard. So what is the alternative? The mention of a gas fire pit isn’t always received well. “Its just not the same thing.”

However, when I show them the options and possibilities for a gas unit, they are pleasantly surprised when I show them Paloform. Crafted right here in Toronto, they make each piece made to order for each and every client. They have 8 different units to choose from, in various colours and finishes, and they top their fire pits with honed basalt river rock or lava rock. You can choose from either propane or natural gas, and are supplied complete…all you need is a fuel source. Their burner systems are designed and manufactured in-house and ETL listed, certified to CSA and ANSI standards for the U.S. and Canada and have CE certification under the Gas Appliance Directive 2009/142/EC for Europe.

So for the fire snob out there like me, you may be convinced. These are beautiful units. I, myself would love to have one of these in my own backyard. A flick of a switch and you’re ready to go. No mess, no campfire smell, and all 10 fingers in tact.