Ken Gangbar

Pottery at a whole new level. Artist Ken Gangbar creates art installations and sculptures that “feature organic shapes arranged in nature inspired patterns” (Stacy Lee Kong, House & Home p. 46). Take each piece for what you will….nuts or cones in the grass, petals floating to the ground, fungus growing on a tree, birds in flight, waves of water, or dandelions blowing in the wind. I could just sit and stare at each piece for hours.

An artist who dabbled in pottery, even from a young age, found his mark after taking different courses in school and experimenting with pottery. “We are inspired by the cyclical patterns and intricate compositions of the natural world. We thrive on spontaneity, and the spirit of experimentation made possible by fearlessness. We strive to emulate the abstract found in the organic.” (Ken Gangbar, Website)

I always admire the process of art…how you can create a shape or an object, a certain brush stroke, and have the vision to turn it into something incredible, like each one of these pieces. Absolutely beautiful.