Flowers by Claus Dalby

I stumbled upon Claus Dalby on Instagram a few months back, and he is absolutely one of my favourite people that I follow. A man of a few different hats, he is a plantsman, publisher, author, broadcaster and photographer. If you want to get all squirmy and antsy for spring, then jump on board and follow Claus. His photos are s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g. I love to play in the garden as much as the next, but when I look at his photos, and peruse his blog, he makes me want to grow these fascinating specimens myself, as he does. There is truly a science behind the growth of a plant; watching these beauties take shape, and admiring the vibrance of colour from one to the next. When I look through his blog, and absorb every bit of information he puts forth, he reminds me more and more of a male Martha Stewart. Their beautiful estates are similar, their disposition, their love for the plant, and their plethora of knowledge that I will never tire of. I dream, one day, to be as fortunate as both of them, to be able to grow and enjoy ALL of these beauties throughout the year.