Gloster Outdoor Furniture

One of the most premium lines of outdoor furniture, Gloster continues to amaze me with their creative and quality product lines. They create heirloom furniture using teak, stainless steel, aluminum, and synthetic fiber and upholstery. Teak is one of the best materials for outdoor applications as it has a tight grain and high oil content which is very resistant to the elements. Gloster’s furniture lines are very appealing to me as they offer that high end look that my customer’s are looking for. You sit in a Gloster chair and you can feel the quality underneath you. The teak is so smooth it almost feels fabricated.

Another popular material that Gloster uses is their woven, man made fibre. It is tear resistant, UV resistant and weather resistant.  This furniture can be left outside year round and is able to withstand temp’s from -20 celsius to +55 celsius. As a bonus, it is also resistant to chlorine, salt water, and tanning lotions and oils.

I have only highlighted a few of their product lines, so do be sure to check out Gloster’s full collection here and start planning your landscape around your new furniture