Sutherland Furniture - Great Camp Chair

With all of this lingering cold winter weather, I was needing a little spring pick me up. I discovered this outdoor furniture company called Sutherland and fell in love with, well, all of their stuff, but it's the "Plateau" line that originally caught my eye (to be continued...I'll share that one later!). Scrolling through their website I saw this "Great Camp" Muskoka chair re-make, (Adirondack for all you American folk) and placed them perfectly fireside and dockside for me to drool all over. Couldn't be more of a summer tease than that. And what's cool about them, is that even though they are sleek visual stunners, they can still fit right in to (or onto) my rickety old dock and still look sweet. Great Camp is offered in teak, in four different finishes, and powder coated aluminum frames, available in 20 standard colours. The countdown is on....only 45 days to go until cottage season. And the first thing I'm going to do is park my butt on the dock on one of these beaut's.