Azek Composite Decking

Composite decking has been around for quite some time now, as an alternative to the nuisance of maintaining real wood. Of all of my clients, 99.9% all request NO MAINTENANCE when describing their wish list for their property. I then explain that there is no such thing, and every property requires some sort of maintenance to keep it looking its best. Composite wood is one of those little gold mines when it comes to that low maintenance category. There are several different types of "composite" decking out there, but most clients don't know the difference. When I mention "composite" as an alternative to my clients, common responses are "I heard it gets really hot", or "it looks like plastic" or "I heard bad things about the structural integrity of it". All valid concerns.

But...a valid argument can be made against all these points....people don't realize that real wood can get just as hot as a composite material. I have to run off my deck sometimes when the sun is out in full force. And the beautiful thing about composite being around for awhile, is that they keep making it better. Original designs were tacky and boring, and definitely looked like plastic. The colours that are offered now are ten-fold, and Azek is one of those companies that is blazing the trail for the rest. Traditional, as well as many modern colours and textures are one of the features that make stand them apart. Their construction is paramount as well. They coat all four sides of the deck board and the groove, in a protective cap, protecting your board from the elements. It also resists mold, moisture and mildew, resists scatching and staining, and has superior heat dissipation. Azek also manufactures several other products, such as railing systems, trim, moulding, lights and even pavers to create a uniform look throughout.

And lastly, the final concern to address is the price. Yes, composite decking is pricy. But when you compare it to the cost of real wood, plus the yearly maintenance costs required (or your blood, sweat and tears....lots and lots of tears...) then looking at composite isn't so bad. It's sleek, slick and of course, tear free.